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Auto Repair- quality checklist

January 8th, 2009 · No Comments · General

There are some things you need to keep in mind when taking your vehicle to a repair garage. Many people are discouraged because the garages don’t seem to fix the problem the first time, don’t diagnose the problem correctly, take too long to do the work, and give low quality work. We all need to be more aware of these things happening. Below is a short list of things you need to be more alert about when taking your car in for repairs.

1) Determine what type of repair garage you need to go to. Full service repair facilities can do most of the work, but sometimes you need a special type of service and need to go to a specific garage, such as having your transmission repaired.

2) You need to find a repair garage you can trust. As friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors who they take their cars or trucks to for repairs. Word of mouth works best when the garage personnel are trustworthy.

3) Make an appointment, describe the problem as you see or hear it, then read the repair orders carefully. “Fix the engine” could result in a large bill. Never sign a repair order that is blank or tell the technician to just fix it or do what is necessary. You may end up paying a lot more than bargained for. Most garages charge a certain fee for each job, but it’s the time spent working on your car that can really add up. Make sure you get a clearly written estimate before you approve work to be done.

4) Have the garage call if the repair is going to cost more than the estimate was for. Sometimes things happen while repairs are being made and more work is necessary or other parts are needed. Get a second opinion if necessary. Ask for replaced parts so you can see the damage that needed to be repaired. After the work is done take a test drive. Then get a detailed copy of any work that was done. Keep this information in your glove compartment or a file at home. You may need this copy later if the workmanship turns out to be shoddy and your car breaks down in a few days after the service was done.

5) One more thing…this might sound chauvinistic, but I have to say it. Being a woman, I have been ripped off before, so i have a man either go with me or check with someone I know who knows about repairs to make sure the garage isn’t pulling a fast one with me. There’s no sense in going back to a garage that won’t treat you like a customer instead of a certain sex. If they do, don’t go back and tell them why you won’t return to have your car repaired. It’s discrimination, but some people tend to forget.

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